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Shared purchase of imported wines in the same container coming from a single country. This purchase is shared with other business owners/entrepreneurs. The products are selected by the group and you participate during the selection. All process is done through Import Management (visit page for more information). 



  • Help group selecting and quantifying products that will be in the container

  • Shared expenses reduce purchase costs significantly

  • Purchase in a more economical and profitable manner for your business


To Whom is it indicated?

Distributors, Emporiums e Restaurants


What do you need to have this service?

  • Wish to import different products than the common ones on the Market

  • License to sell alcohoolic drinks

  • Financial Resourses

Minimum Order Quantity

Dependinding on your establishment needs.

You are NOT obliged to purchase one wine label.

Payment Terms

  • With Insurance: up to 90 days from delivery

  • Uninsured: under query

Delivery Time

​25 to 60 days depending on country of origin, counting from order placement.

MERCAVI Comercial de Alimentos e Bebidas Eireli
Rua Fernandes Moreira, Chácara Santo Antônio, São Paulo/SP, CEP 04716-003
CNPJ 29.275.355/0003-37

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