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Management and monitoring the import process, from the winery abroad to its destination in Brazil:

  • Find qualified, reliable and suitable suppliers to your company's needs.

  • To take care of the customs, tributary processes and of all the necessary documentation for your wine imports procedure.


MERCAVI takes great care of all the process for your company:

  • We have all the necessary licenses to import

  • We pre-select the best producers and the best wines

  • We contact and communicate with the international suppliers

  • We have the most up-to-date product and branding options

  • We analyze and take care of all International Logistics

  • We certify that the Documentation, Back-Label, Certificate of Origin and Analysis are all in accordance with the Brazilian legislation, to ensure all information is correct in all documents and nothing is missing 

  • We certify that all taxes are being payed correctly

  • We receive and deliver the products to your company's door


You do not have to worry about anything except selecting the products that will satisfy your customer


Who already use this service?

Sonoma, and other companies



To whom is it indicated?

Supermarkets, Distribuitors, Emporium, Wine Shops e Restaurants


What do you need to have this service?

  • Wish to have uncommon brands from the ones in the market

  • Being authorized to trade alcoholic drinks

  • Have a sales history on this type of product

  • Economic resources for acquisition

Minimum Order Quantity

150 boxes per label (SKU)

Payments Terms

  • With insurance: up to 90 days of delivery

  • Uninsured: in cash

Delivery Time

25 to 60 days depending on country of origin

MERCAVI Comercial de Alimentos e Bebidas Eireli
Rua Fernandes Moreira, Chácara Santo Antônio, São Paulo/SP, CEP 04716-003
CNPJ 29.275.355/0003-37

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