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What is the guarantee that my product will arrive?

All our processes have insurance and it covers any kind of event, such as, ship sinking, cargo being stolen, etc.

What is the minimum quantity to import?

Each of our services has a minimum amount of product for that type of service. Please, visit the service page you want: Management of Import, Distribution, Own Import, Private Label, Brand Exclusivity or Purchasing Group to find out.

What is the payment term?

Payment terms depend on: - Credit Insurance - Type of Service chosen Please, visit the service page you want to know about the payment terms.

How long does it take to receive my requested product?

We have some products ready-delivered through our Own Importation process. For the other services, the delivery time depend on the country of origin of the wine chosen, and it can vary from 25 to 60 days.

MERCAVI Comercial de Alimentos e Bebidas Eireli
Rua Fernandes Moreira, Chácara Santo Antônio, São Paulo/SP, CEP 04716-003
CNPJ 29.275.355/0003-37

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